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Connect with the world's top 5 cloud providers. Spin up staging instances. Deploy with your Git provider. Automated backups. Scale your instance.
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Powerful tools to build and manage Odoo

Host with any cloud provider

Spin up a new Odoo server with any of the top 5 cloud providers in seconds. Or launch Odoo instances on any custom VPS or dedicated server.

Community and Enterprise

Cloudpepper is compatible with both Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Upgrade easily to Enterprise from your control panel.

Staging & Git Deployment

Create a copy of your production instance with the click of a button. Deploy new features to your Odoo instances from any git provider.

Maximum performance

Don't get frustrated about slow performance because of a suboptimal configuration or noisy neighbours. Your server is dedicated to your Odoo instances and optimized for peak Odoo performance.

Automated Backups

Cloudpepper will backup your Odoo instance(s) as per your schedule for peace of mind. Use Cloudpepper in-house backup system or connect with AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage or SFTP.

Grow recurring revenue

Odoo hosting is one of the most profitable services you can offer for predictable and scalable monthly recurring revenue. Cloudpepper gives you all the tools you need to grow your business with incredible margins.

Spin up Odoo in seconds.

Integrated with the world's top 5 cloud providers

Directly provision a server on Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr or Linode without having to leave your dashboard!

Or connect to a custom dedicated server or VPS

The Cloudpepper platform can connect with any VPS or dedicated server and will automatically provision it for your Odoo instance(s).

Create new Odoo Instance
Odoo server statistics (CPU, RAM, Disk space)

Informative dashboards

Real-time dashboards to quickly check your Odoo server(s) on potential issues affecting performance.

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Automated Backups

Choose from 4 backup providers or SFTP

Our Odoo Cloud platform can connect with Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3 and our own affordable backup cloud solution! We also support SFTP.

Failproof backup & restore with encryption

Extremely fast and lightweight, our platform will create failproof backups that can be encrypted (optional). Backups can be set to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly and can be stored for as long as you want.

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Add an Odoo backup provider (Google Cloud Storage, Azure, AWS S3)

Compatible with any git provider

Add modules from any git repository to an Odoo instance with the click of a button.

Made a change? Just click Update!

Once a repo is added, you can simply update the related modules with the click of a button.

Our Partners

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