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Beyond Traditional Odoo Hosting

Deploy Odoo to any server in the world and securely manage it from your dashboard.
Trusted by Odoo partners, developers and businesses demanding security, control and performance.

Trusted by over 1,200 customers in 30+ countries

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Simplify your Odoo Hosting Management

All the tools. All the performance. No restrictions.

Host Odoo effortlessly from your dashboard with any cloud provideron-premise, or simply use Cloudpepper's cloud infrastructure. Connect with one of world's top 5 cloud providers such as AWS, DigitalOcean and Vultr to provision new Odoo servers with just a click.

Security Updates

Safeguard your data and operations against potential threats with our updated security practices.

Max. Performance

No noisy neighbours. Servers 100% dedicated to Odoo with optimized software and configuration.

Active Monitoring

Autohealing and historic monitoring to inspect potential resource and performance issues.

No Lock-In

Your server, your data. If for any reason you decide to cancel, your server with your data remains intact.

One of my best online support experience and loving the product :)
It saves me every day so much hassle not having to implement it myself.
It's a great service, especially after trying to manage my own.
I love the addon feature. It would be awesome to install addons in bulk too.
Thanks guys! you rock!
The service is amazing, one can really tell those guys are brilliant at what they do.

Just need simple Odoo Hosting? Get started right away with our Easy plan.

Simply select the resources you need and we handle the rest. 
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Automated Backups

Fast & Reliable. S3/SFTP Compatible.

Swift and lightweight, our platform reliably creates backups based on your schedule — whether daily, monthly, or even hourly, with storage lasting up to a year. Opt for one of our 4 integrated top-tier storage solutions like AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, or connect with any other S3 or SFTP storage provider.
Add an Odoo staging environment to test new features

Test new features safely

Clone your live Odoo environment to a separate test environment to test new features or updates without affecting your live setup. Each staging instance is fully neutralized, safeguarding against unintended third-party interactions. And while emails don't go out, they're neatly captured for review in your dashboard.
Emails captured

Odoo Marketplace with 900+ Free Addons

Need a specific Odoo feature? Browse through 900+ free third-party addons for Odoo. From Accounting and Payroll to Helpdesk and Document Management, unlock hundreds of additional Odoo features.

Git-Driven Odoo Deployments

Seamless management. Use any Git provider.

Seamlessly deploy modules from any Git repository to Odoo. Updated your code? One click does the job, or enable auto-deployment for instant updates on every commit. Assign distinct branches to production and staging, giving you the freedom to test new code without disrupting your live environment.
Deploy new features to your Odoo instance using Github or any other git provider

Advanced Odoo Hosting features for Partners

All the tools you need as an Odoo Partner, from custom API to Dedicated SaaS.

Dedicated SaaS

Single-tenant SaaS with data isolation, residency, and protection to cater to stringent compliance and data residency.

White-Label Client Portal

Enable your clients to log in into your portal with your domain name and logo instead of Cloudpepper’s.

API Support

Use our API connection to provision servers and manage your Odoo instances without using the Cloudpepper Dashboard.

Custom Cloud Infrastructure

Use API endpoints of your own cloud infrastructure to provision new servers directly in your cloud.

Autodeploy with Git

Whether you’re using Github, Gitlab or your own Git solution, any Odoo instance can be configured to autodeploy new Git commits.

Advanced User Management

Create custom user roles and access rights and allocate them to your team members or your clients.