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Cloudpepper is the Odoo.sh Alternative that puts Control and Performance Back in Your Hands.

Choose from 5 of the world's top server providers and over 70 datacenters to create unlimited Odoo servers on the fly. Ultimate performance without Restrictions. Backed by 24/7 support.

Trusted by over 1,200 customers in 30+ countries

Host Odoo on Google Cloud
Host Odoo on DigitalOcean
Host Odoo on AWS
Host Odoo on Vultr
Host Odoo on Akamai / Linode
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Advantages of Cloudpepper over Odoo.sh 

Retain ownership of your data

While Odoo.sh hosts your clients on their cloud infrastructure, with Cloudpepper you can use your own cloud infrastructure. Even if you cancel with Cloudpepper, all your data remains intact.

No performance restrictions

On Odoo.sh your Odoo instance is shared with many other installations on the same server which causes reliability issues. Servers provisioned with Cloudpepper are fully dedicated to your Odoo instance(s).

Whitelabel Client Panel

Allow your clients or team members to log in into your own client portal branded with your logo and your domain name to create and restore backups, view logs, easy login to their Odoo instance(s), etc.

Unlimited Test Environments

Replicate your production instance (or even use a backup) into as many dev/staging/uat instances you need without incurring extra costs.

Maximize your profits

Just $49/month for unlimited Odoo server management by Cloudpepper. Grow your clientele without increasing expenses, directly boosting your profit margins.

Community & Enterprise

Does your client run on Odoo Community or Enterprise? Don’t worry, we support both. You can activate Enterprise with a click from the dashboard*.

* Enterprise license not included. Just like on Odoo.sh, you need to purchase a Custom license from Odoo to enable Enterprise.

Users feel restricted on Odoo.sh

"On Odoo.sh you can't connect external tools to the database but are limited to Odoo apps to facilitate that access."
"As a developer, I do not like it [Odoo.sh] much since it limits a lot in terms of wanting to use libraries that are not related to Odoo."
"To be honest, I've noticed that Odoo.sh performance is very slow. We've migrated away two customers even before they were fully live because the loading times where too slow to work on."
"Odoo.SH is costly compared to AWS..."
Cloudpepper vs Odoo.sh

Cloudpepper saves you $$$

Odoo.sh Shared Server with Dedicated CPU vs 100% Dedicated Server with Cloudpepper

Odoo.sh Cloudpepper
Monthly Price $677/monthLowest available plan with dedicated CPU $99/monthServer management at $49/month included
Hosting Type Shared Serverwith dedicated CPU assigned Dedicated Server$50/month Hetzner Dedicated
Odoo Instances 1 Unlimited
Test Environments 1$18/month/test environment Unlimited
Dedicated CPU Cores 1 CoreCPU undisclosed 8 CoresIntel® Core™ i5-13500 Processor (4.80 GHz)
RAM Shared 64GB DDR4 (Dedicated)
Storage 20GB 2 x 512 GB nVME
SSH Access Restricted Full
Support Online Form / No SLA 24/7 Expert Support
Annual Cost Reduction: -$7,152 (-85.8%)

Odoo.sh Shared Odoo Hosting (1 worker) vs Cloudpepper Easy (1 vCPU)

Odoo.sh Cloudpepper
Monthly Price $95/monthLowest available plan with shared CPU $30/monthYour own server with 1 vCPU
Hosting Type Shared Hosting Cloud Server
Odoo Instances 1 1
Test Environments 1$18/month/test environment Unlimited
Shared CPU Cores Undisclosed"1 worker" 1 CoreHigh Performance AMD EPYC
RAM Shared 2GB DDR4
Storage 20GB 50GB nVME
SSH Access Restricted Full
Support Online Form / No SLA 24/7 Expert Support
Annual Cost Reduction: -$780 (-68.4%)