Odoo Ecommerce vs WooCommerce

The Test Environment

Can Odoo 16 Ecommerce, 2.7 faster to load controllers than Odoo 15, beat the most popular Ecommerce platforrm in the world (Source) in performance?

We put Odoo 16 Ecommerce and WooCommerce to the test using loader.io to simulate visitor traffic and measure the average response time, successful response counts, and errors.

Both e-commerce ran on an identical server, a Vultr High Performance AMD 1vCPU 1GB RAM, which came out on top at our previous benchmark test:

  • Odoo was installed and optimized with Cloudpepper.
  • WordPress with WooCommerce ran on a stack featuring Nginx, Percona 8, PHP 8.1 (with 3 static PHP workers) with Gzip, FastCGI Page Cache and Redis Object Cache enabled.

Simulating Visitor Actions

We selected the default theme for Odoo Ecommerce and the default Storefront WordPress theme for WooCommerce.

Loader.io’s simulated up to 150 visitors performing the following actions:

  1. Opening the shop page
    Odoo Shop page
    Odoo Shop Page
    WooCommerce Shop page
    WooCommerce Shop Page
  2. Opening a product page
    Odoo Product page
    Odoo Product Page
    WooCommerce Product Page
    WooCommerce Product Page
  3. Adding the product to the cart
    Add Product to cart on Odoo Ecommerce
    Add to cart on Odoo Ecommerce
    Add Product to cart on WooCommerce
    Add to cart on WooCommerce
  4. Opening the shopping cart
    Odoo Ecommerce Cart
    Odoo Ecommerce Cart
    WooCommerce Cart
    WooCommerce Shopping Cart

The visitors would gradually increase from 0 to 150 and maintain a constant load until the test finishes (set to 1 minute).

Loader.io Test Results

Odoo Ecommerce

Test #Min Response TimeAvg Response TimeMax Response TimeSuccessful Response CountsErrors (400/500)
Test 15113,4837,7414,7780
Test 25093,5216,6494,7730


Test #Min Response TimeAvg Response TimeMax Response TimeSuccessful Response CountsErrors (400/500)
Test 175710,84823,0961,3840
Test 285910,54023,0261,3850


The benchmark test results show a significant difference in performance. Using the same server specifications and provider, Odoo Ecommerce outperformed WooCommerce with 67% better response times (3,502ms vs 10,694ms).

Odoo Ecommerce was also able to get 4,776 successful responses within 1 minute, while WooCommerce only got 1,385 successful responses.

Need Odoo Ecommerce to be fast? Install Odoo with Cloudpepper.

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