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  • Odoo 17
    Cloudpepper is now fully compatible with Odoo 17
  • SSH Key Management
    Assign custom SSH keys to any of your provisioned servers for SSH access
  • ​Server Upgrade Service
    Upgrade your Cloudpepper server from your dashboard
  • Several fixes and stability updates
    • Instances created under /var/odoo instead of /etc/odona
    • DigitalOcean tokens no longer automatically expire
    • The name of the module folder is now derived from the git repository name
    • Fixed issues with servers using a non-standard SSH port


  • Mailhog access for staging instances
    Now, you can view emails sent from your neutralized staging instances with Mailhog. This feature is available on every staging instance.
  • Postgres connection statistics
    Get a clearer perspective of your Odoo database connections
  • Improved detailed statistics
    Several improvements were made to the advanced statistics dashboard (Server > Stats)
  • RTL Language Support
    We’ve integrated rtlcss to support RTL languages.
  • Support for OTP two-factor authentication for added security
  • Enhanced Search Filters
    Instant search filters on server, instance, and backup pages to help you find what you need faster.
  • Additional server and instance details
  • Send support requests through My Cloudpepper


  • Advanced server statistics
    See the history of your server resources from the last hour to up to 2 weeks.
  • Fine-grained user permissions for Agency plans (beta)
  • Support for S3-compatible backup providers
  • Faster and more secure AWS S3 and S3-compatible backups
    AWS S3 and S3-compatible backups are now faster and more secure by communicating directly with the third party cloud provider, without transiting through Cloudpepper servers
  • Use same AWS IAM Role for provisioning and backups
    Added ability to reuse same AWS IAM role for both server provisioning and S3 backups, eliminating the need to create IAM user and access keys
  • Set custom volume size for AWS EC2 Servers
    Added setting to customize volume size when provisioning AWS EC2 servers
  • Basic user management on Pro plans
  • Support to add a custom server with non-default SSH port


  • Faster Git Deployment
    Committing changes to your git provider are now deployed almost instantly.
  • Better neutralization of staging instances
    We added several more neutralizations to ensure your staging instance has no influence on the external world.
  • Import backups from
    Import backups directly from and use the backup to create an instance with the click of a button.
  • Set database manager password
    Set the database manager password in your instance configuration tab
  • Improved scrolling of your instance log
  • Added and updated support for many third-party Odoo modules
  • Updated Cloudpepper, DigitalOcean & Vultr server provisioning (with support for new Manchester & Tel Aviv datacenters)
  • Force delete server option when server is deleted on cloud provider
  • Improved error feedback when configuring cloud or backup providers
  • Fixed provisioning servers in AWS regions that require opt-in
  • Fixed configuration written to wrong section in multi-section odoo.conf files


  • Marketplace with free Odoo modules
    Browse among hundreds of free third-party addons from the OCA Community and other partners and install them with just one click straight to your Odoo instance. Available in the instance details Addons tab.
  • User Management
    Create users and specify rights for each user. Available on all Pro plans
  • Domain name aliases
    You can now link additional domains to your Odoo instances and enable automatic HTTPS redirection. Available in your instance details.
  • Update Odoo from your backend
    View the Odoo version used on your server and update it with one click to the latest version.