How to migrate from On-Premise

Introduction #

Migrating your Odoo instance to Cloudpepper from an on-premise configuration, whether it’s hosted on a Linux or a Windows server, is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Requirements #

  • Odoo Master Password (used to manage your Odoo database(s) and can be found in your Odoo configuration file)
  • A server provisioned by Cloudpepper
  • Active backup provider with Cloudpepper

Step 1. Download a backup of your Odoo database #

First, we need to download your Odoo database and filestore using Odoo’s Database Manager. Go to <>/web/database/manager/ and click Backup.

Odoo Database Manager

This will open a pop-up window to download a zip file containing your database and your filestore. Fill in your Master Password and click Backup. The Master Password can be found in your Odoo configuration file.

Use Odoo Master Password to download your database.

Step 2. Import your Odoo instance into Cloudpepper #

Open the Backups section and click on Import.

Import your Odoo .zip file into Cloudpepper dashboard as a backup

Upload the .zip file containing your Odoo instance you downloaded from

Large Odoo databases (>5GB)

The online import tool supports Odoo databases of up to 5GB. For migrating larger databases, you can use this procedure to migrate your database.

Import backup

Once uploaded, go to the Restore instance option of the imported backup.

Restore Odoo instance from backup

Choose the server and the domain name you want to use for your Odoo instance.

Ensure that you have set the DNS A record of your domain name to the IP address shown on the dialog (the IP address of your Odoo server).

Click Restore instance.

Choose server and domain name for the restored Odoo instance

The Odoo instance is now being created. For small Odoo databases this process takes less than 5 minutes.

Odoo instance is being created

Troubleshooting #

Test your Odoo instance on Cloudpepper #

To first test out your Odoo instance, you can simply choose another domain name or a free subdomain when restoring your backup to an instance.

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can safely change the domain name to your production domain name under your instance settings.